If you’ve ever wondered whether or not staring at a computer can harm your eyes, or if you’ve ever slept with your contacts in, you’ll want to read this blog. An optometrist isn’t just there to check on your glasses prescription and have you read the tiny letters on the wall, but your eye doctor can learn a lot about the health of your eyes and your body with a quick visit. There’s also a lot your optometrist can teach you about your eyes and the habits and myths you may have picked up on.

Computers Don’t Damage Your Eyes

While sitting at your desk and working on a computer all day can cause your eyes to feel tired, strained, and even cause temporary blurriness, it doesn’t actually cause any damage or harm. This doesn’t mean you should work longer and push your chair up closer to the screen though. Any optometrist would recommend giving your eyes a break by looking away from the screen every 20 minutes for two to five minutes. Closing them regularly will also help them to stay moist with natural tears.

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Glasses Don’t Make Your Eyes Weaker

If you’ve noticed that you, friends, or family get fitted with glasses and then need to regularly go back to get an updated prescription, it’s just a coincidence. Our eyes can change depending on our age and other circumstances, but it’s not because we got glasses. If you’re experiencing difficulty reading, a hard time reading street signs, or blurred vision, it’s time to visit the optometrist for another look at your prescription.

Your Eyes Are Brown

Even if you have blue eyes on the surface, your eyes are brown at the back of the iris. The color of your eye, whether it’s green, blue, or hazel, depends on the thickness of the iris tissue. It is common and normal for our eye color to change as we grow up or age and you should only worry when only one eye changes color. Lighter-colored eyes are more likely to develop macular degeneration, and darker eyes are more likely to develop glaucoma.

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Your Eyes Get Drier in the Winter

Fall has settled in and winter is around the corner for Langley so if you start noticing dry, gritty, or irritated eyes, you can blame the colder weather. When the air is dryer, moisture on your eyes will evaporate faster. Our optometrist recommends using a humidifier to add extra moisture to the air in your home, and drinking more water to keep your body and eyes hydrated.

Makeup Can Cause Eye Injuries

Have you ever gotten too close to your eyeball when applying mascara or eyeliner? Many times it may just cause you to blink a lot, but if you’re not careful, you could scratch your cornea. So the next time you wake up late and are in a rush to get ready, take a deep breath and put your makeup on slowly and carefully.

We might not think much about our eyes until there’s a problem, but a regular visit to the optometrist can teach you a lot about how to care for your body. So think twice before you wear your contacts overnight, try to avoid smoking, and be aware of what nutrients your body needs to promote healthy vision. The optometrists at Vision Care Centre are dedicated to the health of your eyes. Schedule an appointment today for your regular checkup.