Choosing the right pair of glasses is a big decision. You’ll wear them most of the time and be seen with them. In many cases, your glasses become an extension of you and part of your style, which means choosing the perfect pair of glasses is paramount. Your face shape influences the type of prescription eyeglasses that will look best on you and flatter your features. We’ve broken down the four main face shapes with the dos and don’ts for you.


A square face is characterized by a broad forehead and a strong jaw. The proportions of your face will be equal in width and length. The ideal glasses for you will be round or oval. They will also have darker colors to help add contrast to strong facial features that tend to come with a square face.


Individuals with a heart-shaped face will have a broad forehead but a smaller chin. This face type traditionally lends itself to high cheekbones as well. Oval and round shape frames also work well for this face shape but look for thin and light-colored frames, so they don’t overpower your delicate chin.


An oval face is the most common and versatile face shape for eyeglasses. It’s characterized by a subtly curved jawline that is slightly smaller than the forehead width. With this face shape, you have the pick of the litter. Both oval and square-style frames will work well for you so pick something that makes you feel great!


Full cheeks with a wide forehead and rounded chin characterize the round face shape. A round face can make you look younger than you are. Use your frames to give yourself an age-suitable look. When trying on frames, look for angular and rectangular shapes to create strong shapes and contrast.