Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

First-time Contact Lenses Users

Thinking about trying prescription contact lenses for the first time?  Even if you love your eyewear, there are probably times when you feel they get in the way.  Prescription contact lenses can give you real freedom from eyewear, whether you want them for sport, socializing or just to try out a great new look. Maybe you’re going on holiday and don’t want to be switching between glasses and prescription sunglasses, or maybe there’s a special occasion coming up and you don’t want to be wearing glasses in the all-important photos.

With prescription contact lenses, you have more choice. You can wear them occasionally, for specific activities where glasses can be a nuisance, or even all day and every day if you want a complete change.

They’re also incredibly easy to wear and look after. Soft prescription contact lenses are now so comfortable, that most people forget they’re wearing them after a few seconds. New multipurpose solutions make cleaning and storing your contact lenses quick and simple. And if you want completely hassle-free contact lenses, daily disposables allow you to just throw them away after each wear and open a fresh pair every time.

Prescription contact lenses have great benefits, for all sorts of activities and occasions. View a summary in the table below:

ActivityBenefits of contacts lenses
Sport– All-round, stable vision that moves with your eyes – Can’t fall off or get damaged – Don’t steam up – Can wear them more easily with protective goggles/helmets – Not affected by rain, if playing outside – No fear of losing or breaking eyewear holding you back
Socializing– Can change your look for special occasions – Can’t fall off, get knocked about or slide down your nose – Can wear with non-prescription designer sunglasses
Holidays– Can wear non-prescription sunglasses – Can wear non-prescription goggles e.g. for skiing, scuba diving
Work– Can wear them more easily with protective goggles/helmets – Can change your look – Allow your eyes to be seen more easily when communicating
Outdoors– Not affected by rain or snow – Can wear non-prescription sunglasses – Can’t fall off, get knocked or scratched – Don’t steam up when you come in from the cold
Driving– All-round, stable vision that moves with your eyes – Can wear non-prescription sunglasses

Returning to Prescription Contact Lenses

Have you tried contact lenses in the past and found they weren’t quite right for you?  Maybe they were uncomfortable, didn’t correct your vision as well as your glasses, or, maybe you found complicated cleaning routines inconvenient.

Contact lenses have greatly improved in recent years.  At Vision Care, our highly trained Doctors of Optometry will take the time to find the right ones for you. So you can finally enjoy all the benefits that attracted you the first time round, with lasting comfort and clear, stable vision.

You also have a greater choice of wearing schedules and cleaning routines. Daily disposable and extended wear contact lenses along with simpler solutions make caring for your contact lenses quicker and easier than ever before.