Do contact lenses hurt?

No – soft lenses are extremely comfortable straight away. After the first few hours they are usually unnoticeable.

Can Contacts get lost behind your eye?

No – that is a Myth. There is a membrane that covers the eye and connects to the inside of the eyelid so it is physically impossible.

How often will I need new ones?

We recommend at least monthly replacement lenses wherever possible to keep inflammation down in the eyes. Your spectacle prescription will certainly not change more rapidly wearing contact lenses. However, lenses do deteriorate so any potential problems are definitely reduced with frequent replacement of the lenses.

I have an astigmatism, can I still wear contact lenses?

Yes nowadays there are various options available to you to correct your astigmatism with contact lenses. Our Optometrist will be able to advise you on the most suitable solution.

I wear progressive/bifocals, are contact lenses suitable for me?

Yes – you can either have a pair of distance contact lenses and a pair of glasses for reading, or we can supply you with multifocal contact lenses.

How much do contact lenses cost?

Contact Lenses prices start from $24.95 / box of 6.