Why Every Child Should have Regular Eye Exams ?

Eye Care Doctor for ChildrenVision is one of your child’s most precious senses. As he or she grows, much of what is learnt will depend upon their vision.

If the child can’t see the blackboard or their work activity clearly, then the teacher’s instruction and learning is limited. Unfortunately, visual difficulties in children usually remain undetected for a time period before diagnosed. This is because many conditions develop gradually, but also as children are very good at coping with poor vision or vision in one eye only.

Your children only have one pair of eyes, so the most important thing a parent can do is to start their child on an early vision care program starting at the age of six months or earlier if needed.  The main reason to see children so early is to rule out a condition called amblyopia or “lazy eye”. This can only be treated before a child reaches eight years of age, as unfortunately after this point the eye would remain lazy for life even with eyeglasses or surgery.

Studies show that 80% of learning is accomplished through vision. Poor vision equals poor grades, and the tragedy is that a routine eye examination could detect and virtually eliminate poor grades in some children.

Vision screening offered in some schools may detect a potential vision condition, however problems with near vision, eye coordination, focusing ability, eye health and the actual prescription are among the many problems that may not be discovered when screening.

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Our Optometrists use light reflexes, toys, cartoons, pictures, playing games such as ‘peek-a-boo’ to evaluate the eye muscles, eye health,  and accurately determine without feedback from the child, the strength of the prescription present in the child. We also utilize a highly specialised computerized Test Chart that has a range of child friendly pictures and tests that limits the need of drops and reading letters.

A prescription for glasses is only issued if deemed necessary – if the child is borderline the Doctor will discuss with you the option of part-time glasses, or, perhaps none at all with closer monitoring.

If your child hasn’t had an eye exam, or, if it’s been more than a year then give us a call.  The good news is at Vision Care there is no charge for eye exams for children under 19 with a BC carecard.   We can promise you that watching the antics of Coco our Clinic Clown, as well as getting to pick a toy from the treasure chest will definitely make it a fun and enjoyable experience!


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Vision Care Centre takes great pride in looking after the whole family. We aim to satisfy the demands of children and

young adults with our special kid’s packages, and a wide selection of frame styles, sizes specifically designed for a child’s smaller head and facial features.

Our friendly dispensing opticians make special effort to ensure the fit and design of your children’s glasses is perfect for their requirements.  The right lens and frame fit is very important for children because your child undergoes a period of rapid growth, and a frame that doesn’t fit properly can create more damage to their vision.

Along with friendly, qualified and expert service, we have a great range of fun, colourful and affordable designer glasses tailored to children. Whether your child fancies something bright and colourful, in keeping with the latest trends, tough and impact resistant, or linked with their favourite cartoons, we have the perfect choice for them!!