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Our highly experienced team is committed to meeting the individual needs of each client. We know how important both your eye health and personal appearance is to your total well-being. Our personal consultation and fitting service by our team of fully qualified Dispensing Opticians & Assistants will ensure that you find the best styles to suit your face, lifestyle, type of prescription, and specific needs.

Every season we hand pick an excellent selection of eyewear frames from some of the most fashionable luxury and designer eyewear collections from the international runways, alongside our choice selection of fashion, alternative, and classic glasses styles to suit all ages and budgets. Except for discontinued products, each new frame comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

We also have an excellent collection of sunglasses and prescription sunglasses, including the latest fashions from our luxury and designer ranges, to keep you fully protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Free Style-Eyes Consultation

Find Prescription GlassesChoosing a frame can be a struggle, especially if you are unable to see how you look without wearing your existing glasses.

At Vision Care, we are pleased to introduce a unique Style-Eyes Consultation as a free service!  This is a cutting edge digital mirror with an in-built micro-camera that enables you to see multiple images of yourself wearing different frames, and therefore make your final choice on screen. Those of you with high prescriptions can put on your old glasses and compare the different frame styles on one screen.

Drop in for a consultation – you’ll see that selecting that perfect frame is now so much easier.  Contact Us.

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