Prescription Eyeglasses

At Vision Care Centre – Langley (Optometrists & Opticians), we are totally independent from any manufacturer and supplier.  Our goal is to ascertain your requirements and provide you with the best glasses options that will give you crystal clear & precise vision.

There is a wide selection of different prescription lens types, materials, coatings, tints available now, it is very important to get the best advice from a qualified optometrist staff on the choice of eyeglasses for your prescription. Advances in manufacturing and technology now provide a range of different products providing the best performance for even complicated and high prescription, hence minimizing distortion and also thinner & lighter than ever before.

We dispense the highest quality prescription glasses from the world’s leading manufacturers including Essilor, Zeiss and Nikon. As independents, our fully qualified Dispensing Opticians and optometrists have the professional freedom to choose the most suitable eyeglasses for your prescription and lifestyle.  Also with our in-house Manufacturing  & Edging Lab we are able to provide quality high speed service often within 15 minutes! Come in for a chat to see what we can offer you! Contact Our Optometrists today!.



Latest Developments in Prescription Glasses Types

Our Dispensing Opticians and optometrists will be able to advise you on the latest developments in:

  • High Refractive Index Eyeglasses – Lenses that are thinner and lighter than ever before.
  • Progressive/Multifocal Eyeglasses – A graduated lens giving clear vision at all distances now available with ultra-wide channel [Digital HD & free form]
  • Anti-Reflection coated Eyeglasses – Reflection free lenses to improve your vision, reduce glare & enhance the appearance [also dust & smudge free]
  • Scratch Resistant Eyeglasses – 3 layered hard coating that protects from scratches. Tougher & more durable than before.
  • Transitions Eyeglasses – Change colour from totally clear indoors to dark brown/grey outdoors – protect your eyes from UV with the convenience of 1 pair
  • Polarised Eyeglasses – Eliminates glare in intense sunlight. Ideal for driving or water/winter sports.
  • Occupational/Safety Eyeglasses – Special lenses designed for Computer / Office use. Also impact resistant options for hazardous work conditions.
  • Colours/Tints/UV Coated Eyeglasses – Different colour and density tints that can also be uniform or gradual. Protects eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • Sports Eyeglasses – Specialist eyewear for golf, tennis, skiing, and swimming etc.

At Vision Care, when you collect your new eyeglasses, they will be verified to ensure that they are produced to the highest standards of accuracy, and the fitting adjusted to ensure the best comfort and the clearest vision.  As a part of our complimentary aftercare, we are happy to adjust, re-align or clean your prescription glasses whenever needed, so just pop in!

And remember we offer a 60-day Non-Adapt Warranty so if you have difficulty adapting to your eyeglasses, within 60 days of purchase we will find a suitable alternative and replace your prescription glasses at no extra charge.