Many people tend to procrastinate their eye testing until they start experiencing some obvious signs of eye strain which have persisted for more than a couple of days. Signs such as redness, itching, blurring, etc., can mean much more than just pressure. It is especially important to book an eye test if you notice any changes in your vision.

Experts recommend scheduling your eye test every two years, even if you may not have noticed anything different in your eyesight. In addition to detecting issues related to vision impairment, eye tests can lead to the detection of health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Even if you think you have perfect vision, you should go for a scheduled eye checkup. Here are some more reasons why eye tests are extremely important:

Underlying conditions

Not every eye-related issue will mean that your vision will be immediately affected. Sometimes, an impending problem may not be detected as it may not directly harm your vision. An underlying problem may not show obvious signs for a long time. A frequent eye examination can help to detect such problems early and give you a lot of time to receive treatment.

Health issues

Did you know that eye tests can potentially detect problems with the retina, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol? According to a report, only 45% of adults realize that eye test means testing more than just vision.

Early correction

It is not surprising that we all wait until our eyesight gets blurred to run to an ophthalmologist and get our eyes checked. But sometimes minor vision problems cannot be detected easily by the naked eye. You need the support of sophisticated optometric equipment to detect minor eyesight issues. More than often many people can see better with one eye more than the other and continue to put pressure on the better eye by avoiding the testing trip. According to experts, this is one of the largest causes of patients being too late for their correctional treatment to be effective.

The frequency of checkup

You may be wondering when you should be scheduling your next appointment. Most experts recommend checking your eyes at least once every two years. This frequency must be adhered to even if you already wear prescription glasses or lenses. Not only do they protect your eyes but they also shield you from the need for serious eye surgeries.

It is never too late to get your vision and eyes tested for any possible corrections and health concerns. One of the best places to get your eyes checked for accurate detection is Dr. Damanjit Johal Optometry (Vision Care) in Langley. Our team of qualified and expert optometrists can help you to detect early signs of vision or health conditions and guide you to proceeding line of treatment. Early detection is always better than treatment, especially for vision problems.