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Prescription Contact lenses in Langley, BC

Eye Exam is recommended before purchase

Contact lenses can offer you real freedom from glasses, whether you want to wear them all the time or just occasionally.  Advances in technology mean they now offer more comfort and convenience than ever before.

At Vision Care, wearing contact lenses is easy!!  If you already wear contacts or have never tried them before, we’ll take the time to find the right contact lenses for your lifestyle and vision needs.  We’ll tell you everything you need to know to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy.  We’ll also make sure you’re confident using your new lenses before you leave our office.

Just about anyone who wears glasses can wear contact lenses with ease, as they are now available to suit most prescriptions.  To begin with, many people worry that they will hurt or that they’ll be difficult to put in or to look after.  Don’t be put off by the horror stories (they can’t get lost behind your eye!).

We believe in recommending and fitting the very best contact lenses available for your long term eye health and comfort.  Our highly experienced Optometrists remain at the forefront of changes in contact lens technology, offering valuable advice and care in helping you choose the right contact lenses for your prescription and your budget.  As totally Independent Optometrists & Opticians in Langley, we are not tied to any particular contact lens supplier or manufacturer.  We can select what we believe to be the best products to suit your individual eyecare needs from the whole of the contact lens market.

We offer the most up-to-date lens materials on the market which include those allowing maximum oxygen to the eyes for ultimate comfort wear so they feel healthy and feel fresh. You can select daily, bi- weekly and monthly disposable lenses. We also stock a full range of accompanying contact lens solutions.

We aim to be extremely competitive on contact lens prices [even when compared to internet prices] and, with our aftercare program we provide a number of additional benefits not available on the internet sites.  Plus, we offer an extra 10-30% discount if you buy a one year supply of contacts.  We also help you obtain manufacturer rebates on most brands of contact lenses.

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