A visual field or perimetry test is an important exam that optometrists at Vision Care Centre Langley commonly perform. This test evaluates your peripheral or side vision for visual field defects or abnormalities. It can help detect various eye diseases and conditions in their early stages, allowing for prompt treatment.

In a visual field test, you are seated in front of specialized testing equipment with one eye covered. The machine projects flashes of light into different areas of your visual field while you keep your other eye focused straight ahead. You press a button each time you see a light flash. This assessment maps out the boundaries of your visual field and checks for any blind spots or areas of reduced sensitivity.

Some common eye conditions that a visual field test can detect include:


This group of eye diseases slowly damages the optic nerve, resulting in irreversible vision loss over time. Early glaucoma often has no symptoms, so a visual field test is crucial for detection. It can identify subtle losses in peripheral vision long before noticeable vision changes arise. Timely treatment from the eye doctors at Vision Care Centre Langley can help prevent further damage.

Optic nerve damage

The optic nerve transmits visual signals from the eye to the brain. Any injury, inflammation, infection, tumour or other condition affecting this nerve can impair vision. A visual field test can uncover defects caused by optic nerve damage and help doctors determine the underlying cause.

Retinal problems

Diseases like age-related macular degeneration and diabetes can impact the retina – the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. A visual field test aids detection by revealing any areas of lost or reduced vision resulting from retinal abnormalities. Early diagnosis and management are essential to preserve sight.

MS and neurological issues

Multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions can sometimes cause optic neuritis or inflammation affecting the optic nerve. Visual field testing is valuable for evaluating possible involvement and monitoring progression under an eye doctor’s care. It provides insight into whether the condition is impacting vision.

Migraine-related changes

Some people experience visual disturbances like temporary blind spots, flashes of light, or wavy lines during a migraine. An eye exam, including visual field testing, can confirm if these are migraine-associated or point to another underlying issue requiring attention from eye care professionals like those at Langley Vision Care Centre.

Brain tumours

Visual field defects can be caused by pressure on the optic pathways from a tumour near the optic nerves or visual cortex of the brain. A neurological workup, including imaging, would then be needed. However, the visual field test first indicates the need for further evaluation.

Take the First Step to Proactive Eye Care with a Visual Field Exam at Vision Care Centre Langley

Undergoing a visual field test as part of a comprehensive eye exam with Vision Care Centre Langley may seem like an unfamiliar procedure. However, the goal is to make the process as simple, quick and stress-free as possible. During the appointment, you will be seated comfortably in front of the visual field testing machine for just a few minutes. The doctors and technicians at Langley Vision Care Centre are highly skilled at administering the test to map out your peripheral vision smoothly. While small flashes of light appear, it is important to maintain central focus.

With the expertise of the Langley Vision Care Centre team guiding the assessment, valid and valuable results can be collected to review your eye health status thoroughly. An evaluation that once seemed ambiguous becomes a straightforward way to screen for sight-threatening conditions. By making visual field examinations conveniently accessible, Vision Care Centre Langley will empower patients to proactively monitor their vision and catch any issues that may arise before impacting their quality of life.

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