If you are extra cautious about your eyes, there are chances that you might be running to an eye specialist at the slightest hint that your eyes need medical attention. However, many people still procrastinate when it comes to seeing an eye doctor. In fact, as many as 47% of people fear to find out they have a serious eye problem and avoid seeing an eye specialist out of that fear. However, here are a few symptoms that should not be taken lightly or ignored when it comes to ensuring proper vision and avoiding serious eye issues.

A persistent, pounding headache is a sure sign that it is time for you to visit a trustworthy eye doctor. A routine eye exam can give a clear indication of an eye issue that may be causing your headaches. Staring at the computer screen for too long or working on a too bright or too dim computer screen are some of the most common reasons for headaches. Adjusting the light and taking regular breaks every 20 minutes of screen exposure is important to give your eyes the rest that they need. Glaucoma can be a more severe cause of headaches. Only a specialist can determine the exact cause of your headache and tell you if it is associated with eye issues.

Eye infection
If you notice apparent signs of an eye infection like a red eye, discharge, pain, watery eyes, blurred vision or sensitivity to light, it is best to see an eye specialist immediately before the problem worsens.

Bright flashes and floaters
Floaters are quite a common phenomenon. Those tiny squiggly or pieces of dust that you notice usually on a clear plain wall, or when you look up in the sky are floaters and not particularly worrisome. However, if you notice an unusual increase in the floaters and flashing lights or shadows, it may be a sign of an eye problem. Usually, such issues with peripheral vision can be a sign of a detached retina.

Painful eyes after a long day at work on your computer are quite normal. Usually, such pain should subside after the screen exposure is stopped. However, if you notice consistent pain that does not reduce, it may be better to consult an eye doctor.

Squinting while reading road signs or on a computer may indicate that you need glasses. If you see blurred letters and have to make special efforts to see clearly, by changing the shape of your eyes (squinting), it may be time to get a new pair of glasses.

For more tips on eye care, prescription glasses or if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or any other health issues that may indicate a problem with vision like diabetes, get yourself examined by an eye doctor at Langley’s Vision Care Centre (Dr. Damanjit Johal Optometry Clinic)