In today’s world, it’s impossible to go a full day without the use of some form of technology whether it’s your laptop, cell phone or iPad. All of these items emit blue light that causes eye strain and can lead to more serious problems if proper care is not applied. Blue light can damage your retina and is toxic. This means it can pass through your cornea and cause long term issues for your eyes. 

For these reasons, it is incredibly important to use a blue filter coating so that you can go on with your daily life which usually involves the constant use of tech gadgets without having to worry about damaging your eyes. It’s impossible to avoid the use of a laptop, smartphone or computer so proper protection is necessary. If you’re wondering what the best form of protection is, blue light filter glasses are a great solution. 

How Blue Filter Coatings Reduce Eye Strain

Blue filter coatings help block the blue light so that it doesn’t strain your eyes and shields them from all of the negative risks. 

This coating is anti-reflective which helps reduce strain-related discomfort including blurry vision, eye fatigue and even headaches that many of us suffer from as a result of looking at a computer screen all day long. 

The reality is that our everyday lives rely on the use of technology which means blue light is everywhere around us and can’t be avoided. Businesses run on computers and smartphones and laptops and digital screens and these devices are how we communicate with clients and share products so there’s really no way of getting around the use of digital devices. There is however a way of protecting yourself from the harmful effects of blue light through blue filter coatings which are not only a great form of defense but essential for the health of your eyes

BC Vision Care, Langley

BC Vision Care knows the importance of your eyesight and can help you get the right eyeglasses in Langley that are enhanced with a blue light filter so that you don’t have to strain your eyes any longer. We can help you pick out protective glasses that not only blocks out blue light but are stylish as well! Visit us today so that your eyes don’t hurt any longer.