Coming into our Langley eye clinic for an appointment soon? We can’t wait to see you! Everyone on our team is passionate about providing the best care for our patients and making them feel comfortable as we help them achieve better eye health. One of the ways you can do this is by preparing questions for our optometrist before your visit! We’re always happy to answer any questions that you might have and give you the information that you need in order to make smart decisions for your eyes Read Full Report. Here are some great questions you should consider asking on your next visit!

Questions for Our Optometrist

How does my current prescription compare to last year?

It’s good to have an idea about how your vision is progressing. This is something that your eye doctor will closely monitor, but it’s something you should be aware of, too. Sharp declines in vision are a concern, and you should be aware of the changes happening with your eyes.

What are the treatment options for my eye condition?

If you are diagnosed with an issue, take an active role in your treatment. Whether it’s Dry Eye Syndrome or Glaucoma, you need to understand what’s happening and what can be done about it. We’re happy to go over all of your treatment options with you and help you choose the right one.

What can I be doing to take care of my eyes?

We love when patients want to take an active role in their eye health! Our eye doctor has plenty of tips to help you take better care of your eyes even when you aren’t in our office, so just ask. We’ll make sure you are armed with lots of great information.

Is there anything I should watch for in the future?

If you or your eye doctor are concerned about a disease or eye condition that could manifest in the future, ask your doctor what the early warning signs might be. Should you be concerned about blurred vision or migraines? Get a breakdown of what you should be looking for in terms of your eye health in the future.

What are my risk factors for developing an eye disease?

We’re not all the same when it comes to eye disease risk factors. You are at more risk if your parents had eye diseases, if you’ve had one in the past, or if you’ve suffered from an injury to your eyes. Talk to your eye doctor about what your personal risk factor is for various eye diseases.

Let Us Partner With You For Better Eye Health

Our eye clinic in Langley would love to be your partner in better eye health. We encourage our patients to take an active role in their eye health, asking us questions and working with us to improve their eyes. That means plenty of eye education, asking questions, and taking action. If you are ready to make an appointment and ask our eye doctor these questions, give us a call or contact us through our website today.