The New Year is nearly here! It’s the perfect time to make a change, whether that’s to your career, your home, your lifestyle, or something as important as the glasses that you wear. If you’ve been wearing the same old style for many New Year’s celebrations, it’s time to make a change. We have an amazing selection of eyeglasses in Langley. We can find the pair that are perfect for your face, personality, and budget. Check out some of the hottest trends in eyeglasses in 2017 and see if any of them inspire you to look for something new!

Hot Trends for Eyeglasses in 2017

The hot decade this year is the 1980’s.

In the last few years, a lot of the most popular eyeglasses were modeled after styles that were popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s. That meant a lot of thick black and cat eye frames. Style is always influenced by what’s popular in media, and this was no exception. The rise in popularity of these styles is attributed to shows like Mad Men, which took place in the 1960’s and enjoyed phenomenal ratings. Next year, the hot trend is going to be the 1980’s. You’ll see a lot of oversized glasses, blush frames, and interesting earpiece designs that will remind you of what the cool kids were wearing about 30 years ago. You can thank huge hit shows like Stranger Things for the resurgence of 1980’s fashion.

Lots of thick frames but more bright colors.

Thick frames are here to stay, but unlike last year, we’re going to see more of a variety of the color options. Black frames have been the norm but look for blues, greens, pinks, and even neons on the showroom shelf. This is in thanks (again) to the resurgence of 1980’s fashion when thick plastic frames came in any number of color combinations. Thick frames are great for showing off personality and framing the eyes to make them pop. It’s no wonder that people are holding onto this trend.

Tortoiseshell never goes out of style.

Of course, some trends just never go away. Tortoiseshell is one of them. This color and pattern was introduced decades ago to eyeglasses wearers and they’ve embraced it wholeheartedly. We’re not even sure if it can be considered a trend anymore, but nonetheless, you’ll be seeing it in eyeglasses showrooms across the country in a big way in 2017.  A lot of the top name designers are putting their own unique stamp on tortoiseshell by adding touches of sparkle or interesting designs to the eyeglasses themselves. If you want a pair of eyeglasses that won’t look out of date anytime soon, this is a good option.

Let Our Langley Team Help You Find the Right Pair

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