Eyeglasses are expensive items, especially if they are prescription based. Cleaning them the wrong way may cause them to scratch or suffer other damage. Listed below are common steps which can be taken to ensure that your prescription glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, and sports eyewear remain in a good condition for an extended period of time.

Clean Hands

Prior to touching the lens, ensure that you get rid of all the dirt, lotion, and grime on your hands. Wash your hands with lotion-free soap and lint-free clean towel to avoid getting any specs of dirt particles onto the lenses.


Dust and debris can cause glasses to scratch while we clean them. Thus, it is important to gently rinse the glasses under a lukewarm stream of water. Completely avoid hot water since it can cause significant damage to the glasses.


Apply lotion-free dishwashing liquid to the lenses. Since dishwashing soaps are highly concentrated, a small amount of soap will be sufficient.


Gently rub all parts of the lenses for a couple of seconds. Ensure cleaning the nose pads, ends of the temple, and behind the ear rests too. Thoroughly cover the edges where lenses meet the frame, since skin oils, dust, and debris often accumulate in this area.

Rinse again

Clean the soap off from all areas of the glasses thoroughly, since failure to do so can cause the lenses to appear dirty after they dry.


Gently shaking the glasses will help eliminate most of the water.


Use a new dish towel or a cotton towel to wipe the lenses dry. Make sure the cloth used is perfectly clean and does not have any debris or dirt trapped in it since it can scratch the lenses.


Use a clean microfiber cloth to clean any remaining smudges and streaks. You can also a keep lint-free cloth handy. There are also cleaning solutions sold that are formulated for lens cleaning purposes only.

Protective Storage

Lenses are extremely fragile and scratchable. Failure to store the eyeglasses in safe spaces poses a great physical risk against them. Ensure that you always keep your glasses in a clean case. When out of the case, never place the glasses with the lenses facing down on any surface.

In case your lenses are in an excellent shape, however other component(s) of the glasses have deteriorated in quality, becoming harder to clean, it is safer to see your eye care professional before the damage becomes severe. Experts at optical clinics can clean the glasses thoroughly using an ultrasonic cleaning device and yellowing nose pads can easily get substituted with new ones.

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