Not all of us are born with long, thick, or dark eyelashes. You can look at pictures online, you can read tutorials with helpful tips, you can use makeup products, but you still might need something more to give you the elegant look you want, especially without all of the fuss of mascara and eyeliner. While there are some things you can do to naturally improve the look of your eyelashes, when you want to go one step further and look for a prescription, LATISSE® applications may be just what you need. There is some great information out there about this medication, but it’s scattered and can be hard to get a clear answer. Well, here are answers to all of the questions you have about LATISSE® treatments.

Is LATISSE® Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately, a LATISSE® prescription is not covered by insurance. This is because health insurance companies cover medication based on necessity. If you have madarosis, a condition that causes eyelashes to fall out, you can ask your doctor or insurance company if LATISSE® applications will be covered. If you are simply looking to increase the length, color, or thickness of your eyelashes for cosmetic purposes, the prescription is not covered.

How to Get a LATISSE® Prescription

The good news is that a LATISSE® prescription can be provided by any qualified doctor. There’s no need to “qualify” for using the medication, but your doctor will most likely have a few questions about your eyes, health, and why you’re looking for a LATISSE® treatment prescription. If you have a primary care doctor that you see, simply mention that you are interested in learning more. Or better yet, if you have an eye doctor, schedule an appointment with him or her.

What Does a LATISSE® Prescription Cost?

For one bottle of LATISSE® applications, the cost is $120. Talk to your eye doctor about how to properly use the prescription to ensure you are getting the full benefits of the treatment.

How Long Do LATISSE® Applications Last?

One prescription is meant to last one month, but some users are able to stretch the treatment to last up to four months. To stretch your bottle, try putting only one drop of treatment in the cap and moisten the brush before applying the application to both eyes. Instead of applying one drop to the brush directly, dipping the brush into the cap and save the prescription. Another tip is to use one brush twice instead of once. Simply rinse the brush after using it and let it air dry. The standard 60 brushes that come with the prescription can be stretched to save you money.

How to Apply LATISSE® Applications?

Before applying, make sure you have thoroughly cleaned your face and removed any makeup and contact lenses. Place one drop of LATISSE® treatment onto a brush (or dip the brush into the cap with one drop in it) and be careful to not spill. Carefully apply the treatment to the upper eyelashes only, from the inner to the outer eye. Wipe away any excess liquid with a tissue.

Where Can I Buy LATISSE® Treatments?

To get a prescription for LATISSE® treatments, simply schedule an appointment with your local primary care or eye doctor. At Vision Care Centre in Langley, our ophthalmologist is excited to discuss the benefits of LATISSE® applications. If you have been wanting thicker, darker, longer lashes to highlight the beautiful color of your eyes, give us a call today.

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