It can be a little intimidating for a child to come in for their first eye exam with our optometrist in Langley. Just like visiting their pediatrician or dentist, there are a lot of unknowns about visiting the eye doctor. If your child is due for their first eye exam or the school as recommended that you make an appointment, it’s a good idea to help your child prepare for their first visit. Check out some of our helpful hints on how to do that!

Tips to Prepare Children for Their First Eye Exam

Set a good example.

Kids mimic a lot of the behavior that they see in the adults around them. One of the best ways to prepare a child for their first visit to the optometrist is to take them along on one of our routine visits. It’s helpful for children to see the machines in action and see how calm you are during the exam. If you can’t can’t them with you, just talk to them about what it’s like. Tell them how you feel when the eye exam is happening and why it’s not a scary thing.

Let them know why they are visiting.

Knowing why they are doing something is often helpful, especially for older children. Maybe your family has a long history of poor eyesight and you want to get them checked as soon as possible. Or maybe their teacher has noticed them squinting at the board. Be honest with them and let them know that visiting the eye doctor is in their best interest.

Explain the process.

Explain what happens during a visit. Talk to your child about checking in at the front desk, what happens during an eye exam, and how they’ll get to pick out glasses if they need them. It could be helpful to pull up a video or two from the internet about eye exams to show the real process in action.

Bring some snacks & toys.

We work hard to make sure our younger patients aren’t waiting around for long, but things happen. Be prepared for them. Bring a few snacks to tide over hungry tummies and pack a few toys that can be used as a distraction when waiting for the next step. It’s better to be prepared than wishing you’d brought those items!

Show them our website.

Many parents have told us that looking at the pictures on our website have helped their kids feel more comfortable about their visit. Show them the staff pictures on our About Page so they can see some of the friendly faces that will be greeting them on the day of their appointment. They’ll also be able to see the outside of our Langley office so they are more familiar with it when they arrive.

Practice eye drops at home.

This is something that can be incredibly helpful not only to your child but to anyone who needs to examine their eyes! Drops are often the scariest thing for kids about visiting the optometrist. Practice putting drops in at home. You can show younger children how it’s done by practicing on a doll or stuffed animal first. Then practice putting the drops in their eyes so they get used to the sensation.

Need to bring your child in for a visit to our Langley optometrist? You can make an appointment on our website or by giving us a call. Let us know that it’s your child’s first visit and our team will be sure to take extra care to make it as stress-free and enjoyable for them (and you!). It’s the beginning of a life of great eye health!