If you wear contact lenses to correct your vision, you probably only think about them twice a day: In the morning when you’re putting them in, and at night when you’re taking them out. It’s important to realize that there are lots of environmental factors that put your lenses at risk, however, especially in the summer. As you prepare for warmer weather, keep these eyecare warnings in mind.


Swimming in a chlorinated pool can dry your contacts significantly while keeping them on in an open body of water dramatically increases the risk for infection and contamination by waterborne organisms. If you don’t already wear disposable lenses, you may want to ask your Vision Care Centre doctor about purchasing a few pairs for the summer. Then, after you go swimming, just toss the lenses and put them in a clean pair!

Air Conditioning

When you’re hot and sweaty, air conditioning feels great on your skin, but it’s actually very hard on your contacts. Air-conditioned environments are extremely dry which can make contacts extremely uncomfortable. The solution is to carry around a bottle of contact-approved rewetting drops that will help your eyes maintain a healthy level of moisture.

Seasonal Allergies

Many people battle seasonal allergies, but did you know that your contacts could be making symptoms worse? Allergens and pollutants in the air can settle on the lenses. When allergies strike, we often run our itchy, watery eyes for relief. This only agitates the debris on the lenses and makes everything worse look at this now. Keep a pair of backup glasses handy and swap them for contacts on days when allergy levels are high.

Vision Care Centre is always happy to answer questions about how to maintain contact lenses in the summer. Contact us with questions and comments today!