Not every pair of eyeglasses will look good on every person, and everyone who wears glasses has experienced being besotted by a pair of frames on display only to put them on and wonder why on earth you thought they were great to start with. Depending on your face shape and your colouring, different glasses will look best on you. If you are looking for a pair of glasses and aren’t sure where to begin, then read through our list of tips to help figure out what glasses will work best for you and compliment your features.

Face Shape

When you buy a pair of glasses, the goal is to balance your features. There are eight primary face shapes, and you most likely have one of them:

  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Heart-shaped
  • Square
  • Diamond
  • Round
  • Triangle


Oval faces are “ideal” for glasses in that they are balanced. You will be able to get away with almost all glasses types and have them suit your face well. If you do have an oval face, more rounded styles or lemon-shaped styles can make your face appear round, so you may want to stay away from them.


Rectangular faces are balanced but can appear wide and sometimes quite angular. If you would like to soften your features then rounded, classic way-frames or browline frames will soften your features and way-frames and browline glasses will pull attention towards your eyes.


Heart-shaped faces are wide on the top third and narrow on the bottom third (they are sometimes called an inverse-triangle). Glasses tend to pull attention to the top of the face, which in this case is the wider area of the face. Going with light frames or clear frames will not add too much heaviness to those with heart-shaped faces.


People with square-shaped faces have very strong jaws as well as broad foreheads. Their face length and width are roughly the same. If you want to elongate your face and soften your features then narrow frames, especially ovals, are perfect for this.


Diamond faces are narrow at the forehead and chin but have broad cheekbones. You want to highlight the eyes with this face shape, which can help to soften cheekbones and create balance. Rimless eyeglasses help show off eyes, and cat-eyes add drama to the brow rather than the cheekbones.


Round faces do not have many angles and are relatively the same proportion all around. Too thin and elongate round faces use angular glasses. Rectangular glasses that are wider than they are long are great for this.


Triangular faces, or base-down triangular faces, are narrow at the forehead and then widen at the cheekbones with a strong jaw. To add more width to the forehead and balance the face bold frames with bright colours can really help. Dramatic cat-eyes and browline frames are perfect as well.


Depending on your skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour, you will have more success with different colours of glasses. If you are warm-toned (“peaches and cream” or yellow cast) then going with gold, copper, cream, bright red, and khaki tortoise are great choices. If you are cool-toned (blue or pink cast) then silver, rose-gold, blue, grey, magenta, green, and dark tortoise glasses work best. Black is suitable for all colourings, as is clear. Eye colour and hair colour are less significant factors, and you should really only be concerned that they do not clash with your glasses and to remember that the right contrast colour can bring out your eyes and make your hair colour pop.

Glasses from Dr Damanjit Johal

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