Eye DoctorDo You Know What To Do & What Not To Do With Your Contact Lenses?

Are you ready to ditch your glasses and get contact lenses in Langley? Get off on the right foot by visiting your optometrist at Vision Care Centre. Not only can we provide you with a thorough eye exam, but we can also evaluate your suitability for wearing contact lenses. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to contact lenses.

What You Should Do With Your Contact Lenses

  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your contact lenses.
  • Only clean your contact lenses as directed by your optometrist.
  • Use the proper storage cases to store your contact lenses when you aren’t wearing them.
  • Only use a fresh contact lens solution to clean and store your lenses.
  • Follow the recommended contact lens schedule for replacement.
  • Remove your contact lenses before getting into a hot tub or going swimming.
  • See your optometrist on a regular basis.

What You Shouldn’t Do With Your Contact Lenses

  • Don’t use cream soaps to clean your lenses.
  • Don’t use saline solutions that are homemade.
  • Don’t use tap water to wash or store your lenses.
  • Never put your contact lenses in your mouth or use saliva to moisten them.
  • Never share your contact lenses with other people.
  • Don’t use products that are not recommended by your optometrist to clean or disinfect your lenses.
  • Never sleep in your contact lenses if they’ve been exposed to a lake, pool, ocean, hot tub, or any other source of water that may contain bacteria.

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