Your eyesight is one of the most impactful of the five senses we have. As you only have one pair of eyes, it’s important you take care of them. To encourage you to properly take care of your eyes, here are a few things you need to know about eyeglasses.

You’ll need glasses eventually

Even if you have 20/20 vision, and have had perfect eyesight for your entire life, it’s still likely that you’ll find yourself squinting at your phone or a menu at some point. Mid-life vision loss, known as presbyopia, is defined as losing your ability to focus on objects up close. This is when you should consider buying reading glasses. However, if your vision alters in a way that prevents you from focusing on distant objects, then it’s a sign you need to see your eye doctor.

Scratches are a big deal

A small scratch at the far edge of your lens isn’t much of a deal-breaker, but one that takes up a significant amount of space can be a problem. Straining your eyes to get a clear view through or around the scratch can cause eye fatigue. Scratches can’t simply be buffed out, especially if they’re deep, so new lenses may be the only solution to keep your eyes healthy and fully functional.

Lenses aren’t made of glass

When they were first introduced, eyeglasses were made from glass because it was clear enough to avoid obstructing the wearer’s view. Today, however, lenses are made from plastic, as glass can’t stand up to everyday use. If they were to break while on someone’s face, glass lenses would cause serious injury, possibly going so far as to blind someone.

Extras can be worth it

Your eyes face many elements throughout the days, from UV ray exposure and glare to harmful blue lighting. Nowadays, lens technology has advanced to the point where we can protect against these dangers without the constant need for sunglasses. Transition lens coating, which self adjusts to filter in harmless amounts of light depending on your location, aids in preventing UV rays from damaging your eyesight.

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