Trevor has worn glasses since he was a kid, but his new Rugby obligations have brought contact lenses to the forefront of his mind. Many sports activities, even those which don’t include as much contact as Rugby, are much more enjoyable with a pair of contact lenses. Can you imagine being able to see without having to worry about keeping your glasses safe? Trevor can, but he has heard so many contact lens misconceptions and horror stories over the years that he’s hesitant to give them a try. Trevor just needs some contact lens education. Keep reading to find out the truth regarding three common contact lens myths.

Do you believe these contact lens myths?

I’ll never be able to put contact lenses in every day.

Many people avoid contact lenses because they’ve convinced themselves they’ll never be able to get used to them well enough to put them in on a daily basis. Contact lenses have a reputation of being uncomfortable and difficult to put in, but many wearers get used to their lenses in as quickly as one day. Continuously advancing technology has made contact lenses much more comfortable than they once were. Why not give them a try?

My presbyopia or astigmatism doesn’t allow contact lenses.

Thanks to years of improvements and advancements, contact lenses can be made for nearly every type of prescription regardless of whatever eye problems you have. Whereas things like presbyopia and astigmatisms used to make contact lenses overly difficult, modern technology has made the creation of a variety of lenses possible. We can now craft varifocal, bifocal, and various other lenses. Ask your optometrist if contact lenses are a possibility for you.

For more myths about contact lenses, see part two on this topic. Are you ready to discover the freedom contact lenses can give you? Contact Vision Care Centre Langley for a free trial pair of contact lenses.