Do you fight with your glasses sliding down off of your nose during sports activities or while working? Do you find yourself stopping to clean your glasses every hour because that one smudge is simply going to drive you crazy? Do your tight-fitting glasses give you headaches after wearing them all day long? Well, it sounds like you could use an eyeglasses adjustment, but it also sounds like you could use a break from your eyeglasses. Have you ever considered giving contact lenses a try? Maybe common misconceptions, such as being unable to wear contact lenses with astigmatism, have stopped you. Stop believing common contact lens myths by visiting part one on this topic and reading on to learn some more common myths.

Do you believe these contact lens myths?

Contact lenses are too risky to wear every day.

The contact lens horror stories are plentiful if you have the itch to look for them. Unfortunately, many of these fears people have about contact lenses are either false or no longer relevant with improved lens technology. For example, you cannot lose your contact lens behind your eye. A thin membrane prevents this from being possible. As another example, many people avoid trying contact lenses because they think they will cause eye infections, but proper lens care will prevent most eye problems.

I can’t afford contact lenses.

The amount your contacts will cost will depend on the type of lenses, the prescription requirements, and your insurance information, but lenses are by no means expensive. Speak with your optometrist to find out what your contact lens options are, or contact Vision Care Centre Langley if you need to find a new eye clinic. Our office has been helping Langley residents with their vision problems since 1995.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and for your free pair of trial contact lenses.