As adults with eyeglasses, it’s easy to tell whether or not we have our glasses on or our contacts in. We’re so used to being able to see that when we remove our corrective lenses, it’s obvious to us that we suddenly can’t see as clearly. Now, think back to the time before you wore your glasses. Do you remember recognizing your sight problems as a kid? Children who have never worn corrective lenses may not even realize they’re having issues with their vision, so instead of waiting to be told, parents must keep an eye out for common signs. Pay attention to these indications that your child needs corrective lenses.

Signs That Your Child May Need Glasses

Trouble in School

If your child is having difficulties in school, this could be an indication of a vision problem. Nearsighted children often have trouble seeing the board, and vision problems can also interfere with desk work. If your child is having trouble in school, investigate how close to the board he or she sits in class, and find out if his or her teacher has noticed any of the following signs. You can always simply ask your child, too, if you think he or she will be honest with you. (Some kids will purposefully ignore vision problems to avoid having to get glasses.)

Squinting or Covering One Eye

We’re all likely familiar with squinting our eyes in order to see something more clearly. This works because reducing the size of the opening you’re looking through also reduces the size of the image on the retina, making it briefly easier to see. If you notice that your child squints often, he or she could be compensating for a vision problem.

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