glasses 1As a parent, it’s important to keep an eye out for things your child may not recognize or be thinking about, especially when it comes to his or her vision and eye health. Whereas adults who have worn corrective lenses for years can recognize their own vision problems, kids may not even realize they can’t see as clearly as their peers. Does your child struggle in school because he or she can’t see the board? Does he or she often have to squint to see things more clearly? We fully discuss these two signs in part one on this topic. Keep reading for two more signs that your child may need corrective lenses.

Signs That Your Child May Need Glasses

Frequent Headaches

If your child has headaches quite often, he or she may be suffering the ill effects of undetected nearsightedness (also called myopia; closer objects appear clear while distant objects appear blurry). When a child is nearsighted, he or she will often try to exert more effort to clear up the blurry vision. This compensation can cause headaches, usually in the frontal or brow areas find out.

Tilting the Head

Besides nearsightedness, your child could also be contending with double vision (diplopia). If you notice that he or she often tilts his or her head to the side, this could be because tilting the head can minimize double vision to be more manageable.

Be sure to check out part one if you haven’t already, and keep an eye out for these signs to keep your child’s eyes healthy. Do you suspect your child may have a vision problem? Schedule an eye exam for him or her at Vision Care Centre Langley by calling directly or contacting us online. At our eye doctor’s office, we’re dedicated to promoting optimal eye health in all of our patients.