When was the last time you visited an optometrist for an eye exam? If you already wear glasses or contacts, chances are you’ve at least been in for a check-up in the past year. However, if you have had a healthy vision in the past, it is likely you haven’t been to the eye doctor for quite some time.

During school, children are given eye exams at least once a year during an annual physical. However, once those children graduate into adulthood, the frequency of keeping up with those exams diminishes. This is bad timing because regular eye exams are more beneficial for your health than determining whether or not your vision is keeping up to par.


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Regular Eye Exams Can Prevent:

It is obvious that an optometrist is able to detect the eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachments, and macular degeneration through an eye exam, but what is more surprising is the other vital health alerts that can be spotted during the exam.

An optometrist can detect the other vital health warnings because symptoms can show themselves through the eyes before a person may feel bad at all. For example, high cholesterol can be detected because the cornea will have a yellowish ring around it. High blood pressure shows itself because the blood vessels in the eyes kink, bend, or tear.

The eyes are more than just a window to the soul. They are a window to identifying health issues before they become serious dangers.

Take care of your health by taking care of your eyes.

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